[games_access] IGDA GA SIG Website -- feedback needed

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Tue Jun 26 11:34:31 EDT 2007

> Admittedly, the developers are a bit overwhelmed with all the great

> info, and would like a more targeted "requirements" list to bang

> against. For example:


> - use markup for its semantic meaning not for its presentation

> - use JavaScript to enhance, but don't rely on its functionality

> - use ALT tags for images and caption audio

> - don't rely on color alone to convey meaning

Hmmm...those sound familiar :)

> Any other must-haves?

I'd retrospectively add "Flash/VBScript/Whatever" to the "use
JavaScript to enhance, but don't rely on its functionality".
Flash and JS/VBS/Whatever can add some nice flair to the site,
but some users don't have the latest plugins, don't have JS
enabled, don't have a Flash-player on their current platform, etc.

Lastly, nothing beats testing it. Generally, if you can navigate
the site in Lynx, and it makes sense, the rest usually falls into
place. Snag lynx for your dev-platform of choice and have a
whack at it. If you don't have a Linux machine around, you can
even use a bootable CD disto of Linux such as Knoppix which
allows for testing from another OS and from multiple browsers,
including Konqueror, FireFox, elinks, and Lynx.

These tips also have the added side-benefit that they tend to
improve search-engine findability.


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