[games_access] KQED Video on Game Accessibility (top-secret update)

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Sat May 5 19:28:45 EDT 2007

Thanks Barrie for the thoughts. Again if anybody wants to see the trailer
it's on my homepage.

I had my first viewing of the first seven minutes that I showed at the
conference to a bunch of you. I'm almost finished with the voiceover
recording. A second story that was done in my state last year is being
submitted for an Emmy nomination so if this one gets accepted as a
nomination I can add that as two stories that were nominated of mine in
Maryland for Emmys so that will be good to add to it.

So I spoke at Good Samaritan Hospital to place that I was that in September
when I had pneumonia and then three weeks later nine days for autonomic
dyslexia. I was on a panel April 28 about people who and how they deal with
post-traumatic injuries. I showed the seven minute movie they were
completely amazed and impressed. People said things like, I was the
highlight of the conference I made the conference worth it. One person said
they would buy it as soon as I came out. It's like they were just
completely blown away mesmerized kind of starstruck with that glow in their
eyes after seeing it full-time. About 30 people were there people
distinguished all to the hospital. One woman with a brain injury was on the
panel another man who lost both feet also. I'll post some pictures on my
web site soon.

I need to update you all on the progress for top-secret. We are at four
stages now. Character concept, completes today. Vehicle concept, level
design concept, and weapons,. I've been doing some drawings. Pretty
exciting. We have some great conversations about making the game
accessible. Quite a few people are interested in voice dictation one person
is four-year-old nephew had a brain injury thinks this would be great for
him to learn how to speak things like while in the gameplaying saying these
words seeing the words will help also.

It sure would be exciting to show that documentary who knows if I win this
thing this game will be revealed at GDC 2008 we are hoping.



The links below.



You might have to sign in but this will take you to our character
submissions I'm on the third page. Let me know if it works and you see it?



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Slowly catching up with things. I really enjoyed the video from KQED.


I think they got a lot of important points across. Reid, you came over
particularly eloquently in the video - fine work. Really enjoyed watching
the father and son using hacked up controllers made accessible. I think they
did a pretty good job as it goes. It was nice seeing some of the controllers
I supplied on show too. I guess you wisely kept the rather heavy switch
adapted Namco Arcade Stick at home? I'd love to see more of the footage of
the "Accessibility Idol" show - especially after reading up on Ernest Adams
great related article:




p.s. - I've not forgotten you Robert. Your project is an exciting one - just
need proper time to spare to offer some more thoughts. Keep plugging away,

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