[games_access] We must get data sooner than later

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Thanks for looking up some statistics. I missed a couple of the
conversations. What is this for? I can guess.

That would come in so handy for all of us when we go to propose our ideas to
people and they ask us things like, how many people do you actually think
our in that genre? And usually my answer is "ah well I think there is, from
my experience I've seen, last I heard 2 million people in the United States
have some sort of eye blindness, so; to me that is a good reason to make
games accessible."

I feel so embarrassing telling things like this to people but I know
recently that statistics are a huge selling point. I haven't had the time
to do this myself. thanks. That would be a really good thing for us to
tackle really hunker down and see who's out there who is our market so we
all know. Thanks.


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I'm waiting on information from the guy I know at the US census for
census 2000 -- I have some of the data that I use in presentations
(They are on my other computer right now but as soon as I get the
slides I'll put them up on the wiki). But this guy can break things
down by disability type and give us wider ranges than just "16-64
year olds" (which doesn't do us much good...). So hang tight
everyone! :)


>The statistics used in the original paper were based on the last US

>census back in the 90's, as well as from some UN surveys done in the

>late 90's. I have not had a chance to look for anything more recent.


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