[games_access] Robert Florio Pittsburgh Post interview. Featuring Michelle.

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Wed May 9 12:09:33 EDT 2007

Thank you Michelle for participating with this interview. We are two of a
kind. Jeannie Novak is an amazing person is and she? That school that I'm
a part of the art Institute online definitely is a great supporter for our
calls and have really been supporting me tremendously with PR lately. First
with the contact the reporters and San Francisco from local news for our
conference and then this and also the Washington Post which I have to get
the link to that video they did of me and the Washington Post also did a
print and online story I don't have the link for.

Check out the story below there is also a audio interview of myself and
Michelle. My school is really tremendous their supporting me amazingly.
I'm actually applying for a $10,000 scholarship there so in a couple of days
all hoped to send out the e-mail to get your votes the top 10% with the most
votes gets a review by the judges to pick one person for $10,000 a student
from the art Institute online. I really need that. I would really
appreciate your support at that time.

Here is the interview. I think that a lady who from my school the PR
director Robin Beckham is going to help me to advertise my story more places
they are advertising their school and with my story we just love it helps
them and me. Hopefully she might be able to help me advertise my
documentary as well I think she wants to use her connections in NBC and her
Oscar nomination for a documentary and 11 documentaries she's done in the
past producing. The perfect situation. So we will see big things huge
things are going to happen for our calls. Hopefully I'll get a good job and
be able to afford the things I need that's a huge goal of mine also. I want
to thank you all again for everything you've done and the support and
working together to encourage us always working together.



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Hi Tim,

Tip for next time you have a long URL you want to post somewhere:



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>> Cool! Thanks Tim -- what format did you attach the file in? I may be able

>> to avoid what we have below -- try sending it to me at


> It should have come through as an HTML file. Yeah, what you sent back was

> pretty unreadable.


> I just dumped it at


> http://tim.thechases.com/sig_access/census.html


> in case you want it.


> There was a margin-of-error of around 20-30k (some more, some

> less...that's statistics for ya)


> The original source was this long & ugly URL:







> There are options to break it down further by

> -sensory disability

> -physical disability

> -mental disability

> -self-care disability

> -go-outside-home disability


> Sorry, Michelle...no "taking on more work than she can handle" disability

> :-P (though I suspect you're in very good company)


> There's entirely too much data there...you could theoretically survey

> disability by home-heating-method and by plumbing facilities. Or by

> fertile married veterans living-with-grandparents in multi-family homes.

> I'm not sure that's information I really care to know. :)


> -tim



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