[games_access] Accessible Adult Entertainment, Censorship and Accessibility

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Wed May 9 17:38:16 EDT 2007


Encountered this news item about an accessible porn website for the visually
and auditory impaired:


So porn that includes closed captions and auditory descriptions. Not that
the blind haven't been enjoying auditory porn for centuries, but, oh well...
Interestingly, I recently encountered this news item, about a blind man
being being charged for listening to child porn:


Not that I condone someone seemingly enjoying real child porn, but this
issue got my interest because in games there's the whole censorship going on
with extreme violence and sex, etc? So how does that kind of censorship
relate to alternatives. What I mean is: in an audio game (so without
visuals) but only sound, what do terms like "Blood and Gore, Intense
Violence, Nudity" (http://www.esrb.org/ratings/) mean?


Richard (yeah, the Amsterdam guy)

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