[games_access] MMOG Topics for Terra Nova?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat May 19 17:00:42 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

Anyone out there have any thoughts pertaining specifically to the
accessibility of MMOGs like World of Warcraft and Second Life? I'm
getting a lot of flack on Terra Nova at the moment and running out of
things to say to help the readership understand that accessibility is
an issue that should concern them (especially as they are used in
schools) and, of course, the "return on investment" issue we're more
than familiar with (I replied to one poster about why it's always
JUST up to us to provide that info when we don't know what the
industry average cost for adding in accessibility features are -- I
have Reid's estimate of how much he could have made for every $5
download of his Doom3 [cc] mod that I think will help that I'll write
about over the weekend. But the Terra Nova crowd is ONLY interested
in MMOGs (I know...I'm frustrated to no end) and I'm running out of

The website again is http://terranova.blogs.com

I have LOTS of ideas for posts but I don't think that they will be
received well by the Terra Nova crowd -- if anyone can help me think
through how to post about a particular topic, even if it's only very
narrowly related, I'd appreciate it! For instance I want to post
about one-switch, Robert's efforts, Eelke's paper, Dimitris' papers,
Reid's work and more but I'm getting frustrated and I need your ideas
and help.

I don't want to simply not finish out the month as I think that there
are silent members who might be getting ideas and running with them
to create accessible mods, etc (and I'm also a bit surprised that my
fellow social scientists aren't taking the bait on debating how we
view accessibility in our FIRST lives while our SECOND lives lag FAR
behind...I think it would be interesting fodder for discussion but
maybe that's because it's related to my dissertation topic!). But I'm
mostly getting response from the companies and not academics and it's
basically the same "no go" that we hear with other games...only it
seems a bit worse, at least to me.

Eelke? Dimitris? I'd be especially interested in your ideas, as
you've both written on design issues for games even if they aren't
MMOGs (although, Eelke, I know you just had something about Dungeon
Siege in your recent Gamasutra paper so I'll point to that). But
anyone else...pipe up now so I can write about it (I'll cite you, of
course!) before my blog month is up.

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