[games_access] MMOG Topics for Terra Nova?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat May 19 18:37:04 EDT 2007

Reid sez...

>I've got it... we need to create a book/website of photographs of

>disabled gamers and their characters in MMO's or other games that

>allow them to customize characters, like the Sims. Developers just

>don't know that disabled people play their games and they need to. It

>could be a photo essay.

Oooh. Now that could be an interesting art project that could find a
home in one of the many museums around the world that are including
digital art. It also appeals to my art background. :)

The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art always seems to have some
exhibition about how people see themselves in digital domains --
worth starting to collect these images and then see if we can exhibit
somewhere. Other avenues are the GDC (they exhibit digital art) and
SIGGRAPH (they do as well!). Then the NY Times has photo essays all
the time -- it might finally get our group into the the "circuits"

Ok, adding this to the agenda for things to talk about at the
upcoming meetings but also everyone should feel free to add their two
cents here or $2 million dollars, made payable to "Michelle Hinn" ...
I'll split it with you, Reid ... JUST KIDDING ... about the splitting
of the money. ;)


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