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I agree with, Thomas - 2008 sounds better to me too. And of course, London sounds great by me(!). It would make life easier for me to bring and demonstrate a lot more equipment if it was here. I don't wish to seem selfish though, so happy to hear alternative thoughts...

Just thinking - we do have a lot of new stuff to show off from the IGDA GASIG even without the book being ready (Game Over!, Help You Play, Special Effect, Game Accessibility Shop with new stuff in such as Geoff Harbach's fully compatible PS2 switch interface and so on)...


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So I've mentioned this before but we should probably start discussing it for real. The IGDA would like to support our efforts in creating a one-day conference on Game Accessibility. Now this could be something attached to another conference (like GDC) or on it's own as a "summit" at a time where we aren't so frazzled from GDC.

Great news!

it might be wise to not having it during GDC where visitors are distracted by so many other events

Perhaps a European conference? Amsterdam, Athens, London or Stockholm are locations / countries where the SIG is already represented in some way (did I forget anyone?)

I think London would be best from a strategic point-of-view as UK has a lot of game developers and London is more accessible (in flight terms) than Stockholm.

This is one of the things I'll be bringing up at the online meetings this week so I'd appreciate ideas for location, dates, how wide we cast the net (ie, do we personally court a person from every major game company we can to attend), do we want it to be small the first year and then cast the net wider the next year?

Dates: just make sure it doesn't be in conflict with other major events such as all the GDCs, SGS, E for All, Nordic Game etc. For some of the upcoming events check

Personally I'd prefer if we can have it after we have the book ready; until then I think we (at least II) have too much too think of to focus on running a conference. Perhaps in May 2008?

By the way, I'll probably present at Dreamhack in June, the world's largets LAN. 10.000 game crazy kids gather from all over... Statistically some of should have on or another disability so I'll make sure they hear about us.

What are your thoughts? Basically the IGDA now has a group that does conference/summit set ups for us so we tell them what we want and they deal with the registration, hotel block reservations, venue, some advertising, etc. So that's what make it's a very cool opportunity!



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