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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue May 22 15:25:20 EDT 2007

Hehe. Well, I don't think that I was as specific as I could have been
when I sent this out. We had a great meeting this morning. Lots of
ideas flowing from the discussion with myself. ;)

KIDDING! But not about being the only one there. Fortunately there's
not much of a transcript so I'm not as crazy as I thought. ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I was planning these meetings for
every week. Sure, some meetings will probably be me, myself, and I
and that's ok. But I hope that the early time will work better for
the Europeans -- if there is a better time for you guys, let me know.
I was just guessing. :D

Hope to see an additional MSN-er on Thursday? See below for the time
info and how to join the meetings.


>Hi everyone,


>I'd like to try something new with the SIG meetings, by varying the

>times a bit and having meetings on a regular basis at a set time. I

>don't expect that everyone will be at (or be able to be at) every

>meeting but I'm hoping that if we can get some people at one meeting

>and others and another meeting, we'd really start to find some

>consistency. But I'll need help (HELP!!) in providing short

>summaries of the meetings to keep people up-to-speed so that,

>ideally, they could miss meetings and not be so lost when they can

>make a meeting.


>Tuesdays -- 9am (New York Time)

>Thursdays -- 1pm (New York Time)


>To check the times in your part of the world (it's not even my part

>of the world but it's only an hour off!), check World Clock at



>As a reminder and an invite to those of you who haven't been to a

>meeting, we use MSN Messenger. Traditionally...we start a little

>late but I'd like to change that as best as we can so if everyone

>can arrive a few minutes early, that's great, but I'd rather have

>people late than not arrive at all (although please be patient if

>you arrive late so that we can send you the transcript so you can

>quickly catch up and so that we don't need to constantly bring

>people up to speed and interrupt the flow of the conversation).


>What to do to set up for the meetings? Add me, vrgrrl at hotmail.com

>(please note that this is a "dead" email account that I don't use so

>don't send me mail there!), and I'll look for you around the start

>of the meeting. If you are online and I haven't added you and it's

>close to the start of the meeting, just IM me and I'll add you to

>the meeting!


>Looking forward to regular meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays!





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