[games_access] Disability Awareness Week at Ohlone College

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed May 23 15:36:57 EDT 2007

Hmm...and since E for All is in October...and they give us the
booth...this could be a double opportunity. Any idea of when this
will take place (I mean what week, not month)?

BTW, UIUC has a month long disability awareness event in April (this
next April being the month that UIUC celebrates it's 60th year of
their dorm for students with disabilities). So it's great to see that
more universities are hosting these events.

Yes, please do get me in contact with Victor. Thanks!


>Hi all,


>I was contacted by a Victor Cardenas of Ohlone College in Fremont,

>California regarding a week long conference they run each year to

>celebrate National Disability Awareness month in October. During their

>Disability Awareness week they are looking for speeches, workshops and

>such. After talking to Victor a bit, I've tentatively agreed to

>present at the conference talking about closed captioning in games. If

>anyone else would like to come down and give a talk, I can get you in

>touch with Victor to work out the details. He's even open to the idea

>of an Accessibility Arcade or anything else we come up with. They have

>a brand new videogame design program so we can be sure to get a lot of

>attention from those students and I'm told they have a large deaf





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