[games_access] Automated Meeting Reminder?

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Tue May 29 18:25:58 EDT 2007


Did a quick browse but I couldn't find a simple and cheap/freepiece of
software that does this. Will look further though. By the way, are these the
final meeting times that everyone agreed on?

Tuesdays -- 9am (New York Time) (= 03:00 Amsterdam)
Thursdays -- 1pm (New York Time) (= 19:00 Amsterdam)

Thanks. And I noticed I missed one or two meetings by now. Following the
discussions from some months ago, did we (in the end) manage find a solution
to the meeting-summary documents? Or do we still need a solution for that?


Richard (it's late here and my past holiday already seems far, far away...)

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> Anyone know of a free automated meeting reminder that could send an email

> to the list to remind people that we have a meeting coming up? I'm not

> nearly automated enough so I can't seem to do it other than to put it on

> my PDA...which doesn't help you guys. Anyone interested in served AS an

> automated meeting reminder as an alternative????


> Let me know!!! Thanks!

> Michelle

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