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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 5 18:50:17 EST 2007

Hi Thomas --

I had surgery Friday so I'm a bit behind on things, understandably
(although regretfully!).

I'm a bit concerned about the sponsorship thing and our return on
investment, as this is a very different expo than E for All where we
could reach consumers who had never thought about fellow gamers who
might have disabilities. The GDC expo is going to be more of a booth
where visitors expect something slick and packaged and will ask "well
what is our return on investment" rather than general awareness
raising. Yes, awareness raising can happen too, of course...but what
is the return on OUR investment -- $8000 is a lot to raise and then
there's the issue of who will stand at the booth (expos might seem
short...until you've been on the other side of the booth...it's very

What I'm sensing is as bit of a warning sign (ie, maybe we shouldn't
do a booth) is that there have only been a few voices from the group
adding in their opinions...I think that the last thing any of us want
to see is the bulk of things falling in my lap for GDC -- it's not
healthy for me personally or all of us as a group!! It's been a year
of learning for all of us and I think that's a 100% positive thing.
But I definitely am seeing unhealthy patterns re-emerging and I know
that no one wants to repeat GDC 2007!

Meanwhile GDC is holding fast to the December 1st date on letting us
know how many (if any) talks were accepted. Talks have already been
accepted but these are just the first wave...it's not a sign to panic
that nothing got accepted. Believe me, I've already panicked about
that -- nothing to panic about. Yet. But if you are me, you are
always panicking. :)

As I mentioned sometime last week, we have 1 roundtable sponsored by
the IGDA (different than the ones that went through the regular
system -- this is a courtesy for SIGs). This is already on the
website (gdconf.com). It's an accessibility arcade, only very small
-- just a few games/controllers with the emphasis on more specific
info about the things being shown. We also have the "meet and greet"
where we meet up at the IGDA area to answer questions from anyone
interested in finding out about the SIG.

Anyway, I will post more as I find out more. Meanwhile Kevin and I
are preparing to give the SIG workshop at next week's FuturePlay.
Unfortunately Dimitris and Eelke just learned that they cannot attend
so the two of us are re-designing the workshop.




>what do we do with the sponsor thing, should we go on with the booth

>and raise money through sponsors?


>if yes:

>what do you think about the template sponsor letter I wrote?

>anything to change or add?





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