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This is true -- more later but given the quality of participation (VERY high) we had yesterday at FuturePlay I agree that numbers aren't everything, even though we had about 20 in the audience (out of a conference of 160 people attending and a lot of things competing (including some of our audience members have to sneak out for a little bit to give their OWN presentations). But the fact is...we didn't present at least 1/4 of our material because we had people commenting the entire day with questions and ideas. That has NEVER happened...usually we're wondering "well what now...we sped through the content because no one ever had a question or comment and now we're stuck with two extra hours..."

And given that this is on it's own day, we can hopefully get many more in attendance AND get people who care and haven't heard us before -- even if that number is mostly coming from all the Baltimore/Washington area games for health folks. Nothing wrong with local support!!


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>I'm not worried about the numbers - I think we can get to 50 at

>worst. We have a lot of people with deep contacts that will find

>this interesting. Keep in mind my core games for health audience

>which is 200+ have interest in this space for derivative needs like

>rehabilitation and therapeutic practices so I think from them alone I

>get 20 attendees.


>We have to start somewhere and this really is an ideal situation.



>- Ben



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