[games_access] FuturePlay: Congrats to "Game Over" and Dimitris (and team!)

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Sat Nov 17 15:09:48 EST 2007

Yes a big CONGRATULATION to you Dimitris and your team!


17 nov 2007 kl. 04.01 skrev <hinn at uiuc.edu> <hinn at uiuc.edu>:

> Hi all,


> I'm excited to announce that "Game Over" won the people's choice

> award at "Play Arcadia," which was the Montreal portion of the game

> competition that was held again here at FuturePlay in Toronto.


> GameOver: http://www.ics.forth.gr/hci/ua-games/game-over/


> Play Arcadia: http://www.playarcadia.com


> FuturePlay Competition: http://www.futureplay.org/games.php (please

> note that there is blinking text on this page :( )


> So along with the funding announcement and now finding out that

> Dimitris' (and crew) game won one of the people's choice awards,

> this has been a GREAT day for accessibility!


> And as I was coming back to my hotel room I was thinking "what a

> great conference this has been!" I will write more later when I've

> had a chance to rest a bit and hopefully Kevin will be able to

> share his experiences with us as well on the list. But in summary

> we've made so many new friends of accessibility. Between this and E

> for All, we've seen amazing list growth and each and every person

> that learns about us IS a win. Sure, smaller conferences may

> frustrate us from time to time but we cannot forget that sometimes

> this is exactly how we attract people who will put game

> accessibility into their course work, tell others about it, share

> with a friend or a relative with a disability. Sometimes it's the

> one-on-one time we spend that results in impact that can be just as

> exciting and rewarding as speaking to a crowded room. Seeing

> someone walk away from talking about accessibility excited,

> offering help, and then joining the list...well that's just really,

> really cool.


> But again...CONGRATS to Dimitris and his team for the award for

> Game Over! I was proud to accept the award on their behalf (and

> Dimitris -- I need your mailing address to mail you the award

> certificate!).


> Michelle

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> these are mediocre times and people are

> losing hope. it's hard for many people

> to believe that there are extraordinary

> things inside themselves, as well as

> others. i hope you can keep an open

> mind.

> -- "unbreakable"

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