[games_access] Research questions about games helping veterans

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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Eelke you make an excellent point it currently doesn't make sense for
soldiers of more to be playing violent video games. I know for example my
brother is an electrician when he comes over to my house I asked him to do
some more and the last thing he wants to do is more electrician.

It's probably similar. Except for experiencing death and murder and then
again in a videogame. I'm surprised this is not getting back reputations.


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Related to this I saw this on joystick this week:


I have moral issues with getting military funding; a simple solution
would just be to stop making more people with disabilities.

Aside from my personal opinion. I think this SIG should focus on
making games accessible. Researching how games can help deal with
trauma is a different research question which -at least for me- lies
outside of my field of expertise. If veterans have to play games they
should play katamari rather than violent FPS's in my opinion. Do you
help a rape victim deal with trauma by showing her a rape scene from a
violent movie? I'm very sceptic about this approach.

Cheers Eelke

On Nov 17, 2007 12:58 PM, Reid Kimball <reid at rbkdesign.com> wrote:

> Michelle's recent post about veterans seeking relief through games

> reminded me I saw this the other day. Truly staggering and mind

> boggling the numbers of veterans that aren't getting the help they

> need.





> "In 2005 alone, 125 veterans committed suicide each week and of the

> more than 88,000 vets returning from Iraq, more than 28% of them have

> experienced mental health problems."


> This is definitely an area we need to research, how much can games

> really help depressed veterans? Will it help them? Will it be abused

> like drugs and alcohol? Is it THE solution or is it best to include

> gaming as part of a larger therapy?


> -Reid

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