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I'd like to do a presentation on closed captioning in games, but I'm
not sure what you mean by some presentations are part of the SIG while
others are not? Is the SIG only doing presentations that are part of
the IGDA track? For example, if I wanted to put my presentation in the
Production track (as an example) then my presentation will be
independent of the SIG?

Which brings me to my next question. What audience should I present
closed captioning to? Michelle and Richard had a great response from
the audio designers, which is wonderful. What's unfortunate about
closed captioning is that, while it has been supported by audio
designers, it doesn't present them with anything new. It's not a new
idea in game design concepts like audio games for the blind are. It's
really about conveying audio in a different medium (text or gfx). Is
that message useful for audio designers? I'm leaning towards not so
much. Because, whether or not closed captions are used in a game,
doesn't affect the audio design of a game. Closed captions affect
production budgets in localization and UI graphic designs the most I
think. Last, but not least, they do directly affect the enjoyment of
the game from a deaf player's experience. Not sure what track
"enhancing player experience" would fall into, probably game design.

Should I give the talk to UI designers? A UI designer at LucasArts
loves the idea of closed captioning in games and Marc Laidlaw, writer
of Valve Software has said he really likes the aesthetic of seeing
text match the chaos of the gameplay on screen.

Any opinions on who my audience should be?


On 9/15/07, d. michelle hinn <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:



> Hi all,



> So as you know (or not) the GDC final proposals that go through the system

> (not the IGDA track) are due Oct 1st. I've set up a page on the wiki that

> I'll be filling in over the weekend with proposals that I know of that are

> going through the regular review system:



> http://www.igda.org/wiki/GASIG_GDC_San_Francisco_2008



> If you have an idea for a session that WE (ie, the SIG) should turn in,

> please also add that to the list.



> If you are planning to put in a session that you DON'T want turned in with

> the SIG proposals, please add them to this list with a short description

> with a note saying that you are turning that in independently just so that I

> know how many game accessibility proposals are out there. This will also

> help me keep an eye out for them, as some, if rejected, might be able to be

> put in through the IGDA track (there might have to be a presentation format

> change but it's a "second chance" opportunity).



> Finally -- to ensure that I have an idea about how many passes we will need

> for GDC, please send me an email and/or post it on the wiki if you are

> planning on attending GDC 2008. That way I can distribute names across the

> proposals as needed to ensure that as many people who want to attend as

> possible will be able to gain access to the GDC without worry.



> As you know, we are using a different method for GDC 2008, replacing the

> really exhausting daily set up and take down of the accessibility arcade

> with an expo booth (also allows us to get the message across to those who

> only have very limited GDC access). We're also distributing the work of the

> sessions more so that I'm not "in charge" of all of the presentations. I

> might be in many of them but I won't be the one doing the main planning for

> all of them once we get past the submission process.



> Thanks everyone!

> Michelle

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