[games_access] New AbleGamers.com Design - Please come take a gander.

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Sep 24 00:51:21 EDT 2007

Nice work! And I'll send you an invite so you can cross-blog on the
SIG blog -- even if we're repeating ourselves it just increases
getting the info out and about!

Right now we're thinking about how best to merge
gameaccessibility.com and the SIG site -- would you be interested in
taking a part in this conversation? This by no means is to undo any
of your own site goals -- we're just all interested in making sure
that we link to each other's sites and work as best as we can to the
goal we all have -- game accessibility!

With the SIG, we have the backing of the biggest game dev network out
there so that helps and so any way we can help out other members
(like you, like barrie, like reid, etc, etc) get the word out about
your own work, we do!! You are a member too ! :)

I can't remember MarK -- are you in California? Somehow Wisconsin
also comes to mind but it's late and I'm loopy. :D The main reason
that I ask is that I have this stack of invites to October's E for
All Expo (eforallexpo.com) that I want to give our to disabled gamers
but I'm not having a lot of luck finding anyone in the LA area.


>Hello all.


>So after a lot of heads down work I am pleased to share with you

>that AbleGamers.com has been redesigned for the ground up. Go take a

>look please, and if you want, sign up and use the site.




>Some things worth pointing out

>- We have added groups, you can now create and manage a group, it is

>like a SIG, only with a different name.

>- Added the AbleGamers Blog, now members of the site can post an

>entry, link to their own blog, and more.

>- Some forum changes, a few more places for no one to talk in.


>So please go and take a moment to check it out, and if you feel like

>it, you are welcome to join the site (costs nothing) and participate.


>Also, I want to make sure that I have links for anything that users

>should find, so if you want a link to a site, send me a message

>ioo at ablegamers.com and I will get your link up.


>Thanks guys!


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