[games_access] CafePress shop for Accessible Gaming Gear and IGDA GASIG promotional items

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 29 17:54:25 EDT 2007

Thanks Barrie -- looks fine to me! So as you said in another email
you are working on the final design for the shirt and then that will
be uploaded so we can then order whatever we like -- is that how it
works or do you have to do a special set up for each thing (ie, white
tshirt, black t-shirt, women's fit tshirts, mugs, etc) and therefore
we should request items?

A friend told me that black t-shirts are a bit of a trick because you
have to fiddle with the logo more to make it work on a black shirt --
so if that's the case we definitely don't have to have that. I think
he said everything else was easy but I don't know if he said that
each took a lot of set up or not as long as it had a white background.


>Hi all,


>I've just uploaded a basic CafePress shop for E for all exhibitors

>and future promotional work.


>It's here as:



>I'm hosting it as OneSwitch as I have to pay to keep the shop open.


>However, all items relating to IGDA GASIG - including the one and

>only design up at present or Richard's Ghosts and some text - are

>zero profit for me.


>Comments are welcome for future development.










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