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Hey Michelle,


yes it can be adapted to Flash, not very hard, but at the moment all
time I can find goes into the GAIM, i.e my master thesis. On the
other hand, any Flash coder could do that by simply looking at the
code in the article.

and yes, the same thing with pricing for Director in Europe, althought
Director 11 has a lower price tag at least in the US than earlier

however, Director is used for other things than Flash, so it's more a
matter of what type of application you want to do


On 28 mar 2008, at 23.24, d. michelle hinn wrote:

> Hey Thomas -- Great article! I like how you mention the 508 law --

> the next time I speak to a group of educational technologists (a

> cross between educators and the highly computer-savvy) -- which is

> often -- I will point them to this!


> I'm wondering how many use director versus flash on an education

> front? Could this be adapted to include flash developers? In the US,

> at least, Flash comes bundled with educators special packages

> whereas Director is harder (and more expensive) for many to justify

> purchasing. Not sure how this is done in other countries but I've

> been seeing a lot more interest in Flash from US educators. So my

> only suggestion is to consider an additional article that considers

> Flash and it's less steep learning curve.


> Michelle


>> Hi all,


>> I seem not to get all replies from this list, perhaps my spam

>> filter is too tough


>> trying again, since I haven't got replies


>> http://www.adobe.com/devnet/director/articles/shockwave_accessibility.html


>> /thomas




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