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Check out the book published in written by my teacher and art Institute
online game design program director Jeannie Novak. Game development
essentials series of books. I'm in one of them. So is Michelle hinn from
this group. The one about interface design talks about accessibility.



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For those who don't know me, I am Tom Roome a graduate student that is
trying to develop a different game accessibility web site for my department.
My boss wanted me to find information on Redundant Interface in game
accessibility, but I cannot find an article on this topic. I have cover the
principle of universal access for all in detail. Should I just give
information about different switches and CC in games? However, in these
articles still don't explain how to program the interface to accept the
commands for switches, so have I miss something. I am the first one to say
I am a computer programmer, so I read everything that I can but maybe I over
looking a article.

Another section of the site covers the law, I have information for the US,
but the only law in Europe is "access for all plan" that seems to cover
access to new technology, but not sure if video games would fall into this
category? In Asia, I am not sure if any country have any rules or laws for
accessibility and I try to goggle and could not find any information?

Another section that my boss wanted is the market for game accessibility in
USA and Europe and of course Asia, and I am not sure if there are studies on
this topic? I know that there is a market because if there was not, then
this group would not be together, so where can I find this information?

For anyone that have teach a class on Game Accessibility, then I would like
a copy of the Syllabus and any assignments examples, because I want to
develop a class.

Thank You,
Tom Roome
ATEC Teacher Assistant
The University of Texas at Dallas
E-mail: thomas.roome at student.utdallas.edu


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sure no worries, the reason for Director was mainly we had the code in
Director from Terraformers + I was on the prerelease team of Director 11 :)


On 1 apr 2008, at 22.26, d. michelle hinn wrote:

I totally understand about everything going into GAIM at the moment. I was
thinking that down the line you might be interested in creating a version
that people with a lesser grasp of something like Flash could also follow
(ie, non-coders but educators who understand the curriculum bits).

Yeah, Director is definitely more robust! But because Flash is packaged with
lots of other stuff, a lot of people who are new to all this choose the
package so that they have the web editor, art program, etc too. But don't
take this as a criticism of your work -- just suggestions for when you want
to extend it when you get past the masters thesis! :)


Hey Michelle,


yes it can be adapted to Flash, not very hard, but at the moment all time I
can find goes into the GAIM, i.e my master thesis. On the other hand, any
Flash coder could do that by simply looking at the code in the article.

and yes, the same thing with pricing for Director in Europe, althought
Director 11 has a lower price tag at least in the US than earlier versions

however, Director is used for other things than Flash, so it's more a matter
of what type of application you want to do


On 28 mar 2008, at 23.24, d. michelle hinn wrote:

Hey Thomas -- Great article! I like how you mention the 508 law -- the next
time I speak to a group of educational technologists (a cross between
educators and the highly computer-savvy) -- which is often -- I will point
them to this!

I'm wondering how many use director versus flash on an education front?
Could this be adapted to include flash developers? In the US, at least,
Flash comes bundled with educators special packages whereas Director is
harder (and more expensive) for many to justify purchasing. Not sure how
this is done in other countries but I've been seeing a lot more interest in
Flash from US educators. So my only suggestion is to consider an additional
article that considers Flash and it's less steep learning curve.


Hi all,

I seem not to get all replies from this list, perhaps my spam filter is too

trying again, since I haven't got replies



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