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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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I would really appreciate any advertisement for the new no problem thanks.
Again if you look on my web site the page that it links to from a home page
there are some code HTML to postpone web site advertisement animation.
I'm really excited to hear your response I can tell you all the anticipation
and how long I waited to see this incomplete.

I hope some film Festival taking a so far I've found blue sky and Sundance.

David Perry saw it he didn't respond but said it was really cool and I put a
lot of work into it. I hope I wasn't too harsh on him.

It is a DVD DL but I tested all my movies before. I couldn't watch them all
all the way through a hope they're not all like that. Let me know what you
think when you finish I also have a new trailer available on my page.

Brought a big smile to my face I needed that thank you so much. A lot of
work. Definitely pioneering. Send me the link please when you get a chance
to blog if anyone gets a chance so I can link to those links on my page.


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I've had problems with playing the DVD to the end - I get about 3/4 through
then the DVD player starts to go a bit haywire stop-starting until the DVD
will play no more. Will try out on a different DVD player asap.

What I did think though from that 3/4 of the DVD that I saw was something
that was clearly passionate and from the heart. I really enjoyed learning
more about you as a person, your family and life. Your art work is superb -
and your constant push for greater accessibility in gaming inspirational.

A pioneering video. Great work, Robert. I'll keep trying to fix the DVD
problem and will blog something up shortly with your okay to promote the

Nice one!


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> Just wondering if anyone who bought my movie has watched it has there been

> any reviews I'd love to know what you think?


> Robert

> www.RobertFlorio.com


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