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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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I can add you -- I need to add Richard too. Anyone else want access
to post on the blog while I'm at it? Basically I send you an
invitation to the blog and you'll get instructions on setting up an
account in your email.

Sorry I've been quiet-ish lately -- there's been a lot of stuff going
on for me personally over the last two weeks plus helping Ben put
together the Game Accessibility day for Games for Health on May 7th
-- actually, that's when the University of Sussex thing is too! It's
funny that everything is all happening at once!

Also we had an earthquake in Illinois yesterday -- that was VERY
weird. Around 4:30 Friday morning glass was crashing, car alarms were
going off -- we don't get earthquakes here!! Noah Falstein made a
joke on my FaceBook page about it -- for Californian's our earthquake
was an every day normal event...but for us? Not so much...


>Hi Barrie,


>how do I get an account there?





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>>Please post to the GASIG Blog if you get a chance, Thomas. Great stuff!






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