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That is great... The elderly playing games? That must be a wonderful

Should document that for some kind of statistics.


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It was a special meeting of the New England Geriatric Care Managers
They normally meet every month.

This meeting was special because it was a joint meeting with a local
residential home care nurses organization (I forget the specific name.)

They had something like 75 people there.
All managers.

Eleanor and Cyndi were the contacts at our end of things.
Until I got there, I had thought that I was just one of several speakers or
But it turned out that, aside from a couple of announcements, our company
was "the" event.
We had a bunch of computers with our accessible games on them and the
managers played with them.
(And the games never crashed once. Hee, hee, hee!)

Then I spoke.

From what they said to the GCM lady who was organizing it, they thought it
was a grand success.

Sometimes you win.


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