[games_access] Closed Caption Format

John Bannick jbannick at 7128.com
Sun Apr 27 21:19:32 EDT 2008


Your information is perfect for what we're trying to do.

I've got basic CC working in our new PizzaGames right now.

So far, I've gotten the PizzaBox (like our GameBook) working and two games
for kiddies: "Duck" and "Letters" coded.
Both games are deaf accessible in that sound is an important part of each
game and all sounds are displayed via CC.

All this stuff is in Alpha.
We'll be adding more games for children and for seniors shortly.

We're looking into going back to Danvers School for the Deaf with this stuff.
Also there's a Home for the Deaf in Peabody near here.

We're hoping to ship sometime late Spring or Summer.

So this week I'm going to go over your notes plus the PDF and try to make
our CC format as close as possible to what people expect.

BTW. One of the things I find personally interesting about CC, particularly
in the context of games, is the opportunity to figure out how to make the
CC output not only functional, but entertaining. I've done damn near
everything that can be done with GUIs and it makes for more interesting work.

Thanks heaps and stacks for your very on-point help.

John Bannick
7-128 Software

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