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Hi, John

I've been dying to try out the duck game ever since I heard about it at the
Game Loop conference back in August, where I got to talk with one of the
designers from your company (maybe Mary? If I got a card, I've lost it

I just checked out the site in order to download the game, though, and the
only option I see for downloading is to download the game with the Pizza Box
for $15+. You mentioned in the announcement email that the game could be
purchased separately for less; is this true? If so, is there a direct link
to that page?

I'll still buy the package if I have to, but I would prefer to buy the
individual game. Also, this will be my first download from your company so I
don't have any of the preexisting game engines on my system; is this why I
need to download the $15 package?


Reading in the Dark

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We've just released 7 accessible educational games for toddlers and young
children ages 2 - 7.

These PizzaGames include:

* Here Comes the Duck!
Learn your animals.
Possibly the only game playable by blind 2-year olds.

* The Letters Game, The Spelling Game, The Dictionary Game.
Learn your ABCs.

* The Numbers Game, Numbers Plus, Numbers Minus.
Learn your numbers, addition, and subtraction.

All games are playable by children who are blind, or deaf, or motion
impaired, as well as those who are non-impaired.

All games self-voice and work with JAWS
All games are captioned
All games work with Windows 98, XP, and Vista
All games work with Macintosh OS X

The games cost $7 each, or less in our BabyBear and MamaBear packs.
They are available via electronic download or on CD.

See these games at www.7128.com.

That being said, I want to offer personal thanks to Reid for the on-point
info he sent me on captioning. His help is directly displayed in the
caption bar we have at the bottom of all our PizzaGames. And in the work
we did to get reasonable text representations of the sounds. It ain't
perfect; we've got a lot to learn; but it's a beginning.

John Bannick
7-128 Software

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