[games_access] Michelle, health & GDC

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Dec 13 18:22:15 EST 2008

Hi Thomas --

I'm behind in my email...if things couldn't get worse, we are having
to move out of our apartment because the roof caved in and I broke my
left leg. All this week! So I got your email the other day but I
haven't had time to respond! I'm having surgery in a few weeks and my
life has gone bonkers. But what else is new? Thanks for checking in
on me! I'm sorry I worried you!!

I know the GDC person so I'll send an email and cc you on it and
introduce you so you can take the Adobe thing from there! Adobe
having our fliers in their booth would be great and we are going to
get some shifts at the ECA booth to show off some accessibility
stuff. So that increases our visibility right there!

The only reservation I have about the bag fliers is...how many people
just throw them out without looking at them? Would we be better off
advertising in the GDC guidebook?

As to what it says...that we need to work out. So everyone -- ideas?
We have the "top ten" but I think we need something new.

Ok, looking up GDC people and you'll get that email from me now!


>Hey all and Michelle,


>Michelle, I really hope you're well, and if you are well enough to

>read e-mails, please respond to this


>If not, have anyone heard from Michelle lately? I feel worried for

>her given her health status, but also to plan ahead for GDC.


>I'd like to take some concrete action regarding the sponsorship

>thing; things have been a bit in limbo for a number of reasons but I

>will move this to the top priority list now.


>To be concrete, I'll need to get info from GDC about prices for

>different things, and specifically what do we want to do at GDC. One

>of the things I have in mind is to ask Adobe to have our stuff in

>their expo booth, and to have them sponsor GA-SIG flyers in the GDC



>Anyone have ideas?


>Please tell me as soon as possible, I'm planning to talk to my Adobe

>contacts before Christmas about this


>Kind regards



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