[games_access] Michelle, health & GDC

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Tue Dec 16 11:21:22 EST 2008

I have some great ideas 4 gdc! Ill collect my ideas & post them soon. I am
finishn Christmas busnis 1st.
Robert florio

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Yeah...the roof caved in so me and about 8 neighbors in my apartment
complex are moving and it's icy and bitterly cold out...

Then I broke my leg slipping on ice on the edge around the
uhaul/moving fan where you are supposed to step up so you can get
into the truck safely. So to be extra safe, I grabbed onto the strap
that is supposed to help you further...which broke. And boom...there
I was with a broken leg. But at least I took the extra insurance on
the rental for once...so the medical and the rental is all covered
because the safely strap wasn't supposed to just pop off the truck...

I have surgery on Jan 5th...after that I'll set up some SIG meeting
times to discuss current projects.

The GDC people can take a little while to respond but if you haven't
heard anything by Wednesday, email them again and then I can also
look for more contacts.

Yes. I was Stalin in the last life. That's the only explanation for all


>Hi Michelle and others,


>First the tumor, now the roof caved in? And you broke your leg? Some

>people have all the luck, or not!


>OK, thanks a bunch for the GDC contacts, haven't got a response yet

>but I'll follow up tomorrow if I haven't heard back in a while.


>I agree about the fliers, it may not be the best way to invest in


>So all ideas are welcome from everyone, if you have had ideas for

>what to do at GDC this is the time to speak up.


>Kind regards





>On 14 dec 2008, at 00.22, d. michelle hinn wrote:


>>Hi Thomas --


>>I'm behind in my email...if things couldn't get worse, we are

>>having to move out of our apartment because the roof caved in and I

>>broke my left leg. All this week! So I got your email the other day

>>but I haven't had time to respond! I'm having surgery in a few

>>weeks and my life has gone bonkers. But what else is new? Thanks

>>for checking in on me! I'm sorry I worried you!!


>>I know the GDC person so I'll send an email and cc you on it and

>>introduce you so you can take the Adobe thing from there! Adobe

>>having our fliers in their booth would be great and we are going to

>>get some shifts at the ECA booth to show off some accessibility

>>stuff. So that increases our visibility right there!


>>The only reservation I have about the bag fliers is...how many

>>people just throw them out without looking at them? Would we be

>>better off advertising in the GDC guidebook?


>>As to what it says...that we need to work out. So everyone --

>>ideas? We have the "top ten" but I think we need something new.


>>Ok, looking up GDC people and you'll get that email from me now!




>>>Hey all and Michelle,


>>>Michelle, I really hope you're well, and if you are well enough to

>>>read e-mails, please respond to this


>>>If not, have anyone heard from Michelle lately? I feel worried for

>>>her given her health status, but also to plan ahead for GDC.


>>>I'd like to take some concrete action regarding the sponsorship

>>>thing; things have been a bit in limbo for a number of reasons but

>>>I will move this to the top priority list now.


>>>To be concrete, I'll need to get info from GDC about prices for

>>>different things, and specifically what do we want to do at GDC.

>>>One of the things I have in mind is to ask Adobe to have our stuff

>>>in their expo booth, and to have them sponsor GA-SIG flyers in

>>>the GDC bag.


>>>Anyone have ideas?


>>>Please tell me as soon as possible, I'm planning to talk to my

>>>Adobe contacts before Christmas about this


>>>Kind regards



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