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That's somewhat fantastic news! Good work!


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> Hi everyone,


> I'll try to keep this brief (but you know I get carried away at times) ;)


> Just to keep everyone in the loop about GDC 2008 since so few of us are

> able to attend this year, we have quite a few exciting developments!


> First, a few thank you's are in order!


> * Thanks to Mark from AbleGamers, we have a sponsor for our fliers through

> his employer Parature who is sponsoring his trip costs as well!


> * Thanks to the hard work of Thomas and Reid, we'll have a limited edition

> (ie, number) of DVDs with tons of accessible games, demos, and more to

> give out to influential developers who we will walk amongst the week of

> Feb 18th!


> * Thanks to Eelke's generosity, we were able to squeeze in one more person

> with a pass -- so this year we will have both Mark Bartlet and Stephanie

> Walker, both of AbleGamers, with us and I look forward to their amazing

> energy, passion about games, and excitement about being able to attend GDC

> for the first time! The weird timing of GDC this year prevented many of

> you from attending but I think this will be a great year, although we will

> miss those of you who were unable to attend this year!


> (I know many more thank you's will be in order as we get closer to GDC and

> after!)


> Second, we have some exciting guests for Accessibility Arcade!


> * Natural Point/SmartNav will be donating their LATEST controller

> prototype (along with a representative to explain what's going on) plus

> some video and/or a prototype of their full body motion sensor work (which

> includes remapping to partial body motion that translates to full body

> movement in the player's avatar).


> * Emotiv will be presenting their highly publicized brain-based controller

> along with a representative from their company. Ed Fries (my boss's boss

> from the old Microsoft days) is one of their advisors and I was able to

> get in touch with their CTO who is working all the details out.


> * I'm in talks with Belkin to also present some of their new controllers,

> including a one-handed controller they showed at E4All


> What does all the above really mean? We now have some major companies

> (with booths who will let us leave our fliers at!) who will help us

> promote accessibility, are PROUD to show that their products can help

> gamers with disabilities (in addition to bringing games to so many more

> people, with and without disabilities), and may soon be financially

> assisting us as we continue to raise matching funds for our grant.

> AND...we'll be getting a MUCH bigger presentation room. :)


> Speaking of the grant...


> * The SIG is now officially a US Non-Profit through the newly established

> IGDA Foundation. I didn't want to say much until I had more details but we

> are now able to accept donations and provide tax deduction receipts to

> donors -- I'll post more specific details soon but I didn't want to sit on

> that any longer!


> * Ben and I are working hard to get more matching funds to help fund

> delegates to more conferences, equipment purchases, flashy brochures, a

> donor package explaining who we are and what we do, and more. The press

> release for "phase one" of this will come out right before GDC so my BIG

> job at GDC is acquiring as many additional funds as possible.


> And finally, a word about the IGDA Diversity Committee:


> * (ok more than "a" word) I've been gathering together the leaders of all

> the diversity SIGs in the IGDA (we are in the "diversity" committee, btw)

> in the hopes that we can sponsor a "diversity day" at next year's GDC and

> to raise awareness that gamers are no longer "just" 26 year old white

> males with no disabilities and neither are all game developers. We all

> know this is not true and it's time that we start to band together and

> learn from one another's groups in the hopes that ALL of our groups can

> continue to grow. There is a meeting planned for Tuesday afternoon for all

> (not just SIG leaders) those interested in working to make diversity a

> MAJOR issue within the IGDA!!!


> Ok. That's it. I know. That was long. But I used bullet points for a

> change. ;)


> Michelle

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