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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Feb 2 22:04:27 EST 2008

Well, while we might be a small group in attendance this year, we
certainly have quite a lot to show people. And good news -- we got a
better room than we originally were assigned so that should give us
some more room. Sounds like we need to bring another Xbox 360 too! :)

BTW, I'm talking to the GDC people again Monday about the maximum
amount of TVs we can get for the session -- it would be nice to have
as much as possible up on a screen. We'll have a projector as well.

Not sure if PBS/KQED out there is interested in a "one year later"
story but I'll pitch it to them. They could combine cutting room
floor footage (if they archive it) and show how Arcade looked last
year compared to the addition of some cool new stuff this year? I'll
loop you in on that email Reid -- they weren't super happy with me
after I, uh, got mad at them for breaking my only request to not do
interviews in the hour before the Idol session. :( So you might be
able to sell the idea better. It's nice that's it's online -- we have
a few NPR radio interviews online too from them and NPR in Boston.
NPR Illinois just contacted me about a possible story too but I'm not
sure how they are going to run it. Maybe they could work with Amy at
KQED radio to get GDC audio clips.




>Thanks for this. I'm talking with the creator now. We may be able to

>demonstrate his device at GDC in a couple weeks.




>On Feb 2, 2008 6:20 AM, Tim Chase <agdev at thechases.com> wrote:

>> This came through on my feeds today:


>> http://www.hackaday.com/2008/02/01/voice-controlled-game-controller/


>> Hacking an XBox-360 controller to take voice commands.


>> -tim


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