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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 6 10:25:58 EST 2008

As far as the Nintendo series goes (for DS and now Wii), for those
who can use them, they have cognitive benefits -- although some
researchers on elderly populations have spoken out for and against
that but without formal testing. So it's more of anyone's guess as
far as whether they can be "educational" in the sense that it can
help with loss of cognition -- we don't have access to Nintendo's
research (no one does but them). If I run across anything I will let
you know!

But I'm thinking that the Wii version might be more accessibility to
some types of motion impairments. I'm not sure how much it is
accessible for the hearing or visually impaired.

On a COMPLETELY RANDOM PERSONAL side note...I knew I had to get to
the eye doctor because I was having headaches and squinting a lot. It
turns out that after hitting -10.00 (not sure if that translates
universally but it's REALLY bad and without glasses everything is
just colorful blurs). Anyway, I thought that it was going to be
bad...turns out that my eyes are now getting BETTER -- in fact, both
eyes were nearly 1 to 1.5 numbers off so now I'm -8.50 and -9.00.
Ah...age...who knew that you could start getting better vision!?! My
doctor did say that with extremely bad eyesight that can still be
corrected with glasses/contact, that often happens. So I have to
figure out how to reconfigure my talks that say "with age our sight
gets worse..." -- now I'll have to say "often get worse..." (although
I recognize that mine could go the other way again with the next age
hurdle/decade but it's nice to learn that I can now get contact
lenses without paying an additional "custom order" fee for once...).


Thanks for reading this far down. ;)

Michelle "unusually long winded"

>Most games could be said to have an educational element - but

>Nintendo DS style Brain Training I'm not so sure about. Here's a few

>well worth a look though:










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>>Does anyone know of any Brain Training games that are accessible to

>>gamers who are deaf, motion impaired, visually impaired, or blind?


>>I'm speaking on accessible technologies to a group of professional

>>elder care givers and want to give them information that is

>>practical and current.




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