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Yeah, that's how it happens -- one year we have all day Monday, 8am
Wednesday and 4pm Friday and then next we get a nice neat little
schedule. They give us the times really late so we had no idea until
a few weeks ago when exactly we were going to present and by then
hotels and flights were already super $$$ and/or impossible to get.
So it might be better to make reservations for next year instead of
waiting until they are super high price later due to penalty fees as
long as you get refundable reservations. It's also easier to raise
funds with the more time we have. We only had a couple passes so we
had to go with people who already had reservations -- if we changed
anything in the last couple of weeks, they'd have killed me and/or
not been able to do it! So the sooner you can confirm that you are
100% committed to going and provide reservation details the better.

Then there's the whole "will the plane be delayed or cancelled" fun
that seems to happen nearly 50% of the time (49% of the time it takes
you to some place in Costa Rica and then 1% is "other") ;)

Regardless, I'm still booked nearly solid from Monday morn - Friday
afternoon. Most of the IGDA stuff takes place Monday and Tuesday.

Next year we will probably have another workshop along with the IGDA
diversity committee and that will be either Monday or Tuesday. No
telling about anything else for the week -- we have next year's round
of proposals to get through!


>Hey that's exciting looking at the the Times for the schedule of our

>list events looks like something I could have made on an early

>morning flight to get there for. Oh well hopefully better decisions

>next year.





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>GameSpy posted our press release for GDC!









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