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I actually like the "Ask about DCC here"*. I suggest adding [something] to tingle the imagination and which is a small reference about what DCC is about - basically give people some directions in their imagination. I think I'd do it with a graphic sign somewhere around the height of the phrase, so that they want to read on (the rest explains DDC pretty well)... what do you think?
I really like the rest of the text, very good examples!!! The only thing I can think of for improvement is that in the text I kinda miss the "Understand dialog in a noisy environment", which, in the style of the first phrase could be something like this: "Understand dialog while playing on a noise busride" or something. But I guess this is what you mean with "Understand hard to hear dialog during noisy gameplay". Mmm...I interpret this slightly different, like: the game environment is noisy vs the player environment is noisy? Mmm... you could maybe swap the word "gameplay" for something that better covers both 'environments', but... uhm... you avoid that by using gameplay, which then is about the 'activity'... mmm.... I hope I make sense... I don't have a better alternative so otherwise just scrap this remark ;)

Well done, Reid!



* I first thought of Digital Compact Casette (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dcc)! Whahaha!!! I still got one somewhere... err... audio guy humor ... anywayz: ... after which you immediately got me thinking about closed captioning systems and stuff like that... I'm currently busy at my work with Adaptive Music Systems (for games) and defining a good overview diagram for that. Maybe it is an idea to add "Prioritized" into your abbreviation, since it is (how I understand it) an essential component** of a dynamic closed captioning system. "Dynamic Prioritized Closed Captioning"...? Like https://www.cmpevents.com/GDAU07/a.asp?option=C&V=11&SessID=5774 ;)

** looking forward to Thomas' GAIM diagram for this ;)

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> Hi everyone,


> I'm working on a poster for my Dynamic Closed Captioning poster

> session at GDC this coming Feb 2008. I'd like feedback on the poster

> regarding the actual content I have on it. I wanted to keep the

> content minimal, I want people talking with me rather than reading

> posters. I also want the poster to prompt them to ask questions, so

> not everything is explained clearly on purpose.


> NOTE: I know that one screenshot is labeled as Half-Life 2 but instead

> shows Doom3[CC], this is temp and I'll change it to HL2 later.


> Take a look at the word 2007 version or the pdf version linked below:


> http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/GDC2008_poster02.docx

> http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com/GDC2008_poster02.pdf


> Thanks everyone,


> -Reid

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