[games_access] GDC call for presentations, due Aug. 11th

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 7 20:41:45 EDT 2008

Actually I was about to set up an online meeting to discuss this --
thanks for bringing it up, Reid!

I'll pair up with Mark and PopCap for a presentation there since
we've already been talking about their stats and such.

We'll also have a roundtable again -- which will become the
accessibility arcade like this past year. We need to start
identifying our partners for this soon -- Natural Point and Emotiv
were our partners last year and it would be nice if this year's
sponsors "officially" sponsored that session so that we get more
pre-GDC attention.

For all who are interested in GDC (either with helping prep, propose,
or present), please let me know (hinn at uiuc.edu) so we can at least
chat together off list (so we don't bother lurkers with every single
detail!) if we can't schedule an online meeting time that works for


>For GDC 2009 presentations to be accepted they are splitting it up

>into three review periods. The first review period started July 7th

>and ends Aug. 11th. Check out the details here:




>I had a lot of success with the poster session last year, so I might

>do that. I also want to do a game design presentation, outside of the



>Someone should pair up with PopCap and do one about their stats they

>just released.


>See if there are any hardware folks like Emotive we can partner with again.




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