[games_access] Best Speech to Text Software?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Jul 19 19:26:27 EDT 2008

Hi all,

As you know I'm battling lyme disease (tick-bourne -- most likely I
was bitten a few weeks ago when I was outside in a wooded area) and I
hurt so much that typing even a small bit is extremely painful. We
have lots to figure out with regard to GDC and I'm asking the leaders
there to give us a couple day emergency extension. However I think we
have enough written from the last 5 years to get proposals in on time.

In the meantime...I have never had much success with Dragon Dictate
-- any other speech to text recommendations? I don't have any fine
motor control so mouth sticks, etc are completely out for me until
the antibiotic starts kicking in and the pain starts letting up.

Right now it's amazingly painful to even type just this little bit --
my fingers, toes, all joints, my neck, face...everything HURTS...not
just aches. Not sure how common lyme disease is in other parts of the
world but I've heard from a lot of the north american SIG members and
it seems that everyone knows or is related to someone who has
recently had it! So look for invisible little bugs or their larger
bites and rashes if you are outdoors, especially in wooded or
recently de-forested areas! This is NOT something to get (as if it
was on anyone's "to do" list!). I feel like I'm about 85 and I can
hardly shuffle from room to room!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions as to assistive tech for me, let
me know! This experience has given me quite a renewed sense of what
we do in the SIG -- it would be nice to be able to do something other
than type a message in great pain when I get enough strength to do it
and watch reruns on television.

Thanks everyone!

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