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Yes - welcome Greg - it's great to have fresh enthusiasm!

And just to stir up the language debates that do go on for ever!



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Hi Greg -- welcome! I won't be at Casual Games
unfortunately but would you be interested in
joining in with a couple of our audio designer
and closed captioning members and doing a panel
or some such at GDC in San Francisco in March?
We're getting our proposals together now (they
are due next week) so if you are interested,
email me off list at hinn at uiuc.edu so I can get
your info and such into the GDC system.

We are always looking for new ground to spread
the accessibility word to so it's exciting that
you've found us -- please let others who are
interested know about us. On this list you'll
find researchers, game designers, owners of
accessibility controller shops, journalists,
editors, and much, much more! So, once again,
welcome and please don't hesitate to ask any of
us about ideas, reactions to ideas, etc -- we're
not a shy bunch!

Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG (we're
also affiliated with DiGRA, the ECA, and the ESA)

>Hi All,

>My name is Greg Rahn and I'm a newbie here. I

>discovered this sig as I was doing research for

>a presentation I am doing at the Casual Games

>Conference this Friday in Seattle.



>My session started out as Designing Audio

>Concurrently With Game Design. (as opposed to

>"hey let's add sound to our game now that it's

>done"). I came across accessibility, and after

>learning about all that is going on around

>accessibility in games, I have expanded my talk

>to include this. It sort of of swung the

>pendulum even further making my talk more like,

>Designing Audio AS Game Design...


>Anyway, I've culled thru some of your archives

>and have learned some things eg; "sight

>disabled" rather than "blind" etc...

>I'm excited by all of this and hopefully I can

>help raise some awareness about accessibility in

>the Casual Game space.


>I'll let you know how it goes. If any of you

>happen to be attending, be sure to stop by and

>say hi.


>btw...nice work on Terraformers Thomas.







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>Greg Rahn


>cell 707-246-4922

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