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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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Those of us at Games for Health got to see it but it was even more
beta than this. But, yeah, the bottom line is the developers -- until
they allow full reconfiguration of controls, these controllers only
go so far!

I'm all for a controller discussion on the list! :)


>I think eDimensional will be likely to create another accessible

>controller if this one is a success. I really hope it is - even

>though it will hit sales of my HORI Super Robot Wars Controller.


>A number of people have said that it looks a bit awkward - but I

>think it's not going to be as big as it looks - not when you

>consider this prototype photo. As with all alternative controllers -

>it would still be lovely if game developers bothered to allow gamers

>to redefine their controls.




>What have you in mind to improve things with a hands free

>controller? Be a good topic to discuss on this list perhaps?






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>Remarkable. Does that company have any ambition for creating a

>controller for People who can't use their hands? Is there any way I

>could help them design one? Looks like they are the people to go to.


>Has this been game tested? Looking at it it looks a little

>cumbersome like thinking something more like a holding your hand

>almost like a aircraft cockpit controller would be more easier for

>the hand. I hope it gets good reviews.



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>or paste into a browser:


>It's finally here!

>It is with great pleasure that I am writing you to announce the

>official launch of the single-handed Access Controller for the

>Playstation platform. Born from the great mind of renowned modder

>and product engineer Ben Heckendorn (AKA BenHeck), this project has

>been in the making for nearly a year. During that time, I've had the

>honor of reading each one of the hundreds upon hundreds of emails

>we've received from enthusiastic gamers such as yourself. Your

>stories have inspired us and brought to light the importance of what

>became a mission for eDimensional; give gamers with physical

>limitations the opportunity to fully enjoy and experience gaming.

>You've demonstrated how gaming is not just entertainment, but an

>important part of life that includes interacting with friends and

>family along with a sense of true self-achievement.

>It's been a long process from concept to production and for that, we

>appreciate your patience. As is typically the case with new

>products, no matter how much time and effort we spend, it can't get

>done as quickly as we would like.

>I was recently using our prototype on my PS3 and I have to say, it

>is an amazing product. More importantly, one of the proudest and

>most rewarding experiences I have had at eDimensional was hearing

>from Ben (who recently showed the device at the Gamers with

>Disabilities Conference) about an injured soldier who was instantly

>able to use his artificial hand to move the modules around and get

>his game on.

>Enough introduction, I know you want details. Some key features:


>Compatible with PS2, PS3 and PC - We are working on an separate XBOX

>version, but cannot say if/when it will be available.


>Price is $129.95

>Modular - you can rearrange each control module to any of the 6 slot

>positions for various gaming styles

>Pre-order now for delivery in approximately 8-10 weeks

>Limited initial quantity available so please reserve yours before

>the first run sells out

>Worldwide shipping from the USA. We will also stock units in our UK

>distribution center for customers located in the EU as we do with

>all of our products.

>Full details and photos are on our



>A portion of all proceeds and reserved units will benefit Children's

>Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

>The controller has already been featured in publications like

>Popular Science, Wired and many others. However we need you to help

>spread the word. If you know anyone else who can benefit from this

>product, please send them to our website or forward this email.

>We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to serving you.

>Best Wishes,

>Michael Epstein


>eDimensional, Inc.





>411 7th St

>West Palm Beach, FL 33401 US



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