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great stats Eelke, this really helps defining the field


On 11 jun 2008, at 23.06, Eelke Folmer wrote:

> Hi,


> A remember a discussion a while ago (I guess it was before E for All

> or GDC) when we were making flyers that we couldn't specify how many

> people are unable to play games because of a disability. Anyway i'm

> hoping to shed some more light on these numbers.


> For an upcoming survey paper on Game Accessibility I sat down and

> analyzed several statistics to come up with a more precise estimate

> for the total number of people in the USA who's game playing abilities

> are affected by a disability. I based these estimates primarily on

> data from the American Community Survey (2002) which provides a

> breakdown of each disability category into more specific categories

> allowing us to more precisely identify whether that particular

> disability affects someone's ability to play games. Unable to walk

> does not have the same effect on being able to play games as arthritis

> while both are considered a physical disability. Another problem with

> trying to define estimates is that elderly are overly represented in

> the total number of people with disabilities while at the same time it

> is known that elderly don't play games as much as the younger

> generations. The number of people in the baby boom generation is also

> very large. I tried to pull this data apart based on estimates based

> on some data I found on average number of people that play games and

> console ownership broken down into different age categories.

> Inevitably some extrapolations were made, I wish more accurate data

> was available. I corresponded with the US census office briefly and

> for future community surveys they told me they are considering

> including ability to use computer in their questionnaires. This data

> is currently not available in the 2002 survey.


> The statistics can be found here: http://www.eelke.com/files/ga_stats.pdf


> Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions, any feedback is

> appreciated.


> Cheers Eelke


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