[games_access] Project Icecube: One Button Game A Potential Winnerin Game Design Competition!

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Sun Jun 15 18:10:39 EDT 2008

I found Project Icecube to be a nice little game - a little reminiscent of
the old Retro Remakes 2005 competition one-switch winner - Manic Miner
(http://www.greatgamesexperiment.com/game/oneswitchmanicminer). On a
downer - I think something a lot of one switch games don't take into account
is that many one switch gamers also don't have the fastest reaction times in
the world. Like Manic Miner, this game requires pretty spot on reactions -
although this is a bit more forgiving. Perhaps a cut down super easy version
(less things to achieve - very easy layout) would help here?

On the up side - it's got a nice polished look and feel and I rarely felt
too frustrated playing. Not the most exciting game ever obviously - but a
nice mellow distraction. Good luck to Michiel for the competition.


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> Hi,


> A short message concerning a cool one-button platform game by Michiel

> Krol:


> You may remember Michiel Krol's name from his work on the Audio Game Maker

> and project Game Accessibility at the Bartimeus Accessibility foundation.

> You may also remember his name from the game Submarine

> (http://www.spele.nl/game/submarine.html - currently unavailable at time

> of this post), which was nominated for the NLGD Game Design Rally 2006 and

> which featured an alternative, one-button control scheme. Michiel is

> currently finishing his Masters degree in Game Design.


> I'm happy to announce that for this years NLGD Game Rally, Michiel is once

> more nominated for a new game: Project Icecube! This free online

> Flash-game is specifically designed for children in the age of 8 to 12 who

> have to live with a chronical disease or a handicap. What makes Project

> Icecube special is that this is a one-button platform game. The game

> control automation is slightly inspired by that of a prototype for a

> one-button platform game that I once made. Check out Project Icecube here:


> http://www.uqudos.com/nl/portfolio/gameplayNLGD_3.html


> Currently the game only works with the spacebar (it was designed like this

> for the competition) but it is a very small effort to reprogram it so it

> works with every key or button or switch device. The game is only in Dutch

> for now. In the game, you are an icecube and you have to explore 4 worlds,

> finding fellow icecubes and water the seeds found in the world to

> progress.


> What do you think?


> Next week's the winner is selected, on thursday the 18th. Although the

> winner is selected via a child jury, you can let Michiel know what you

> think of the game by rating the game on the website.


> Greets,


> Richard



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