[games_access] Accessibility 4 Gamers website

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Mar 8 20:00:14 EST 2008

One quick thing (albeit not a tiny concern): Note how their main
disability content is taken from game-accessibility.com...WITHOUT
QUOTES -- at least they linked to the source but they don't make it
very evident that it is not their content to someone who might not
know any better.

Sorry...whether they meant to do that or not, improper citations
really get under my skin! The SIG Whitepaper is an example of
something that's been wholesale taken and put out there under a
different organization's name so things like this bug me. Reid -- any
idea who is running this site so that we can ask them to quote these
things better? Also, a lot of their links take me to some "illegal
activity" message (ie, the links in the bottom right hand of the
page). Not sure if anyone else is getting that -- probably just a bug
in their system.

Of course with game-accessibility.com floating out there for the time
being...we really need to figure out what needs to be done so that
it's not just sitting there getting moldy. Richard? Any news on that?
Let me know if there's someone I should be emailing about it!




>Just got this link from a friend. Looks like they are just starting

>up. Very similar to AbleGamers.com


>"Accessibility 4 Gamers is a website designed to inform gamers with

>disabilities about the availability of accessible games, software and

>equipment out there to help make gaming easier and have an equal play

>for online gaming."




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