[games_access] AccessWorld article on methods for providingaccessibility to virtual worlds

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just a erratic description of Terraformers there; not a MUD. MUDs are
text based multi-user; Terraformers is realtime 3D single-user adventure

and a screen reader cannot get text from DirectX or OpenGL as far as I
know which is used for rendering graphic display in Terraformers


"In recent times, a modern version of the text MUD, called
Terraformers, was developed by Pin Interactive. In this game, the
graphic video display is said to be optional and can--at least in
theory--be turned off. The game is marginally accessible to players
who are blind through keyboard navigation and self-voiced audio cues
alone, although more functional accessibility requires the use of a
screen reader."

On 11 mar 2008, at 00.14, Kestrell wrote:

> Hi, listers


> AccessWorld just sent out the announcement that their March issue is

> online, and it includes an article on making virtual worlds

> accessible to visually-impaired users.


> The article can be found

> here

> http://www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw090207

> and I also have a link to it on my blog

> http://kestrell.livejournal.com


> where I also hope to post my own recommendations sometime tomorrow.

> On Wednesday I am attending a MIT event which is discussing what

> users want from a virtual world, and this has inspired me to start

> designing my own corner of the virtual world, The Jorge Luis Borges

> Book Center and Dog Park.


> Kes

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