[games_access] A chapter on accessibility, video games and learning.

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 28 18:01:16 EDT 2008

Just had a quick scan (I just was asked to write a book chapter...due
in ten days! Nice notice!) but it looks great and I will be citing it
along with all the other great stuff that's been coming out lately.
As I said, accessibility is having it's day all the sudden. I wish I
wasn't so sick at the moment to enjoy it more (I had to go to
hospital again today...sigh). But that's how things go!

I like your website too! I was wondering if you'd mind linking to the
SIG wiki (www.igda.org/accessibility) -- we are working on the
website overhaul and (get this) the IGDA is FINALLY getting ready to
roll out their new web 2.0 tools (I don't know if we'll use any of
them because, of course, we need to be accessible and some of that
stuff is not). So we'll have a better look soon. Anyway, it's just
another way for people to find out more, especially developers who
want to connect with us since we advocate within the industry itself.

Sounds like you've been doing some wonderful work at that school in
New York -- I'd like to interview you for a web series I've been
asked to do on people who are out there making a difference in game
accessibility on the front lines. I'll email you off-list soon about
that -- I have a few people in the queue right now...whether they
know it or not. :)


>Hello everyone, I would love to get your wise comments on a chapter

>I've written on accessibility, video games and learning. It's based

>on recent experience, designing video games for children at a school

>in Long Island NY.


>Here's the direct link to the pdf file:


>And a small website I've put up:





>Amit Pitaru





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