[games_access] Robert Florios Documentary is now available !!!!

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Sun Mar 30 18:00:36 EDT 2008

Hello everyone the LLOOOONNNGG awaited release of my movie is now available
t purchase !!! :)

It is on DVD-DL and is completely finished to profeshinal quality . MY
GOAL is to sell 100,000 copys.....!

As you might know my only encome I git is not enough to live .... argh .

I am hoping with your help in the few advertising campaigns I have available
that I have a this will be successful help a lot of people and definitely
help the cause. Not to mention help me.

Please allow for me some time if I have back orders for a lot of orders.

Please see the following site to see the ordering page.

I will be sending this documentary to all of the film festivals trying to
get it more notice. If you know of any applicable for places I can send it
I really would appreciate if you could tell me please.

It would be great to get this viewed at the games for health conference in
May in Baltimore hopefully charge for admission per person also would love
to do that at the game design conference something would be great.


Please put this code to help me advertise my documentary on your web site,
Myspace,Facebook or wherever you can. Join my myspace as a friend and stay
in touch.


First image code movie advertisement.


Second image code movie advertisement.



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I'm speaking for John Bannick while he is away and we support the idea of
an accessibility bible. We tried to clarify some of our thinking about
accessibility accommodations in the ALERT project material. We do think
that it is possible to create such a set of guidelines.

When it is clearly stated what is required to make something more
accessible, some of the "objections" we hear from game developers might

To see some of our thinking, go to www.7128.com and scroll down to the
ALERT button.

Eleanor Robinson for John Bannick
7-128 Software LLC

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