[games_access] Sign Language for hearing impaired gamers in Half Life 2: Episode 3?

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Sign Language in games will be great - but just like the spoken language -
there are many different versions and many different dialects. I wish there
was a Sign Esperanto. As it stands someone from the USA and someone from the
UK would struggle to understand one another using their native sign
language - although there is some common ground. Uncommond ground includes a
completely different alphabet for instance between the USA system (one
handed) and the UK system (two handed).

I can see the day though - just as we have different language packs for
operating systems - one day - there'll be different language packs for
gaming. One day...

Wish they taught sign langugage at schools. Find it such a useful thing
personally to the limited extent that I use it.


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do not know much about hearing impaired.
Is this right?
When we provide sign language, we still have to provide subtitle?

I read that some deaf people do not learn the sign language.
They learn the "normal" language and this is good in real live,
but can be a problem in virtual live?

Can we in some day have avatars, where you can do lip-reading?
I think at the moment it is not possible?

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