[games_access] Question eSport and cheating

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Thu Aug 20 07:56:53 EDT 2009


I have a question about eSport and cheating.

For some people cheating brings them on the same level like the other gamer.
They need this "cheat". With this cheat it is much fair.

My problem is: how can it be defined who should be allowed a certain cheat?
Is it not too difficult to find out what should be allowed and what not for a certain person?

Or are there some disability where it is clear that they should be allowed to use a certain cheat?
= how to find the right balance?

I am sorry, it is very difficult to describe. I hope you can understand it.

Background why I write:
Turtle Entertainment organise some Leagues. And they have know a tool that will help a gamer
to organise everything. I think this can be a possibility to allow some cheats and to control
what cheat is used. An admin could configure everything on the profile of the gamer.

But this topic is too difficult for me. Is there someone who has enough knowledge with this topic?
Is there interest to add such functionality? Would it be too much administration work?

Maybe I can connect with the person who is developing this Tool.

Best regards,

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