[games_access] Question: dialogues and cognitive disability

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Fundamentally, in terms of a pure chance and game play, since it's a ficticious world of a game you often can't preconceive the result of your decision, so I'm not too worried about what is actually being asked. Therefore, in my eyes, I'd say it's equally or more important to have a "memory" of some sort where a dot or some other audio/visual cue indicates what answer/path you chose the *last* time you played. This will help people with short memories... which is just about everyone. Have you ever had to reload a game and play a part all over again once you realized you'd already made that selection or gone down that path but couldn't initially remember?> Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 00:46:45 +0100> From: sandra_uhling at web.de> To: games_access at igda.org> Subject: [games_access] Question: dialogues and cognitive disability> > Hello,> > Game Example:> There is a dialogue and the user has to choose between some possible answers.> Like in RPG, e.g. Neverwinter Night> > Do people can have problems with selecting the right answer ?> For blind gamer the possible answers can be read loud.> Can this feature help also people with other disabilities ?> > Are there other possibilities to make the selection easier ?> Of course, an easy language should be used.> > Best regards,> Sandra> > __________________________________________________________________> Deutschlands größte Online-Videothek schenkt Ihnen 12.000 Videos!*> http://entertainment.web.de/de/entertainment/maxdome/index.html> > _______________________________________________> games_access mailing list> games_access at igda.org> http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/games_access
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