[games_access] Game Manual, very good example

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Tue Feb 3 06:37:41 EST 2009


I just received "ReMission".
(A games for health game, for children who have cancer).

They have the best description of the keyboard setting,
I have ever seen.

They have a picture with part of the keyboard that is used.
The used key are in black, the other parts in gray.

Around the pictures you have text information about,
which function belongs to which key.

It is very easy to see and to understand.
It takes less time as reading.

Unfortunately I do not have a scanner :-(

Another idea for the manual:
I think it would be great, when accessible features are also described.
For example: subtitle: what color belongs to which character
Maybe this can help to learn it faster and it is a good possibility to
look, when you have forgotten something.

Maybe at the top ten, this could be added to the point:
Accessibility information on the cover ?

Best regards,

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