[games_access] Customizable Controls in The Conduit for Wii

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Thu Feb 5 17:34:14 EST 2009

great find, I'll to talk to them at GDC if possible

On 30 jan 2009, at 19.17, Reid Kimball wrote:

> This is cool, there sounds like a lot of customization in the controls

> for an unreleased Wii game, The Conduit.


> "You can map pretty much whatever action you want wherever you like;

> not just the obvious stuff like moving and firing, either, but even

> things like what motion you prefer to use when tossing grenades can be

> tuned.


> This feature also extends to the HUD elements, which can be placed

> anywhere on the screen, and options such as look sensitivity and

> turning speed. Best of all, you needn't kick out to the main menu to

> tweak—it can all be done in-game."

> - http://kotaku.com/5142661/the-conduit-channels-hardcore-gaming-to-the-wii-hands+on


> Mark, High Voltage Software might be a good interview to ask how they

> came to decide on including customization options when so few games

> do.


> -Reid

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