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Very similar to:

Useful info though thanks, Sandra.


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The GameCap was designed for this purpose. It is a configurable PC game
controller that is worn on the head. When used with a TherapyCycle (pedal
exerciser) it enables the user to interact with dozens of driving and racing
games or with virtual worlds (such as Second Life). The hand pedal motion
controls the speed of the vehicle/character in the game and head tilt can be
mapped to the steering.

You can find it at www.TherapyTrainer.com .
For more information you can contact Lisa Dailey lisa at therapytrainer.com.

Kevin Colburn
VP of Engineering, 3D Innovations, LLC
Phone: 970 674-0934 Cell: 970 310-8041 Fax: 970 686-5943
kevin at 3dinnovations.com


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