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Hi all,

I thought that this is maybe interesting for you.
And maybe someone knows a good game?

Best regards,

Barbara Chamberlin <bchamber at nmsu.edu> schrieb am 13.03.2009 21:20:07:

> Hello all,


> I've been contacted by a friend with three children, the youngest of

> which (age 6) has Cerebral Palsy and is fairly active. They have been

> playing with the Wii, and all of the family have enjoyed it. However,

> the youngest get frustrated because it takes him longer to respond to

> the Wii than others. Let me share this excerpt from an email from my

> friend discussing his son.


> "He is excited to use it, but gets frustrated as he dosn't have the

> body control required bythe Wii. Although he is able to do what is

> asked by the Wii, he has trouble doing it in the time required by the

> Wii. A great portion of his frustration is due to the Wii's inability

> to compensate for his disability, and consistantly giving him negative

> responses when in fact his effort and accomplishment should have been

> commended. His attitude is a positive one and he is always wanting to

> try again, only to be told that he is being too "figity" and having to

> start again, or told that balance is not his strong suit and his Mii

> bowing down in defeat."


> Nintendo has responded that the only other exergame title for the Fit

> is Jillian Micheals. I thought list members may have some other great

> exerggame recommendations for this six-year old -- Wii or otherwise. I

> first met his father when I was talking to a group about Guitar Hero,

> and he thought it might be a good way to keep his son's fingers

> active. I believe they are looking for games that help keep their son

> active, possibly games that all the family can play together.


> Please respond to me off list.


> Thanks!


> Barb

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