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Not sure about on the Wii (see subject and e-mail below) - but how about:

Dance Mat Game on PSone / PS2: "The Jungle Book Rhythm N' Groove" - great on
easy level with two-players in story mode. Great tunes too.

Hooking a dance mat up to a PC (using a cheap Playstation to USB adapter) -
to play any web game or game that can be used with a keyboard - by making
use of the utility JoyToKey (search on Google). Try any of the one-switch
games here: http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/switch-downloads.htm

Samba De Amigo (Wii or Dreamcast) - on mini-game Guac-a-Mole. Basically

Super Monkey Ball 2 - on Gamecube (works on Wii) - has some great
multi-player mini-games. Pool doesn't rush you at all. Not much of a fitness
element there though.

Eye Toy (PS2 or PS3): Always recommend the original Eye Toy Play -
especially for the Play Area which is a zero pressure fun area. The Karate
games are good fun too. Could play as a team if the camera is set-up

It's a real shame that the Wii has very few games that allow for alternative
accessible controllers to be connected. Especially when many would be easy
to provide this for.

Hope those were of some use.


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Hi all,

I thought that this is maybe interesting for you.
And maybe someone knows a good game?

Best regards,

Barbara Chamberlin <bchamber at nmsu.edu> schrieb am 13.03.2009 21:20:07:

> Hello all,


> I've been contacted by a friend with three children, the youngest of

> which (age 6) has Cerebral Palsy and is fairly active. They have been

> playing with the Wii, and all of the family have enjoyed it. However,

> the youngest get frustrated because it takes him longer to respond to

> the Wii than others. Let me share this excerpt from an email from my

> friend discussing his son.


> "He is excited to use it, but gets frustrated as he dosn't have the

> body control required bythe Wii. Although he is able to do what is

> asked by the Wii, he has trouble doing it in the time required by the

> Wii. A great portion of his frustration is due to the Wii's inability

> to compensate for his disability, and consistantly giving him negative

> responses when in fact his effort and accomplishment should have been

> commended. His attitude is a positive one and he is always wanting to

> try again, only to be told that he is being too "figity" and having to

> start again, or told that balance is not his strong suit and his Mii

> bowing down in defeat."


> Nintendo has responded that the only other exergame title for the Fit

> is Jillian Micheals. I thought list members may have some other great

> exerggame recommendations for this six-year old -- Wii or otherwise. I

> first met his father when I was talking to a group about Guitar Hero,

> and he thought it might be a good way to keep his son's fingers

> active. I believe they are looking for games that help keep their son

> active, possibly games that all the family can play together.


> Please respond to me off list.


> Thanks!


> Barb

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